PLEASE NOTE: If you received mail from us, your customer number is on the mailing label. Bring this with you for faster registration. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION!!!

Auction Address:
218 Wingo Heights Road, Spartanburg, SC 29303

Phones: 864-583-2700, Fax 864-583-9400, 1-800-256-6713

Sale Yard Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Equipment Removal: We will be loading equipment from 8 AM-5 PM until December 12, 2008. Any equipment left after that date will be charged a storage fee.

Airport: Greenville-Spartanburg Airport, 15 minutes South of the sale site. (Airport Code: GSP)

Hotel: Auctioneer Headquarters:
 Howard Johnsons Express Inn, 864-576-0042.  Mention Kissimmee Auction Co., to receive reduced rate.

Auctioneers Note: This is Kissimmee Auction's Fall Sale in Spartanburg, South Carolina. You are invited to join Kissimmee Auction Co., Inc. to experience an exciting and friendly way of selling equipment that has worked for thousands all across the country!!! There will be equipment, trucks, trailers and related items from all over the world - Something for everyone! SEE YOU AT THE AUCTION! A Buyers Premium will be charged on all purchases.

Auction Terms: Our web page and/or listings have been prepared only as a guide based on information from sources believed to be reliable and from the owner of the equipment, but the accuracy thereof cannot be guaranteed or warranted by the Auctioneer. There is no warranty intended or implied by the owners, auctioneers or previous advertisements. A COMPLETE SETTLEMENT MUST BE MADE ON SALE DAY. We accept Checks (with a valid letter of credit), cahiers checks, travelers checks, cash or bank wires. All settlements must be made with U.S. funds. We will take your company or personal checks, provided that you have a Guaranteed Bank Letter of Credit addressed to Kissimmee Auction on file in our office. (Here is an example: To: Kissimmee Auction, Mr. John Doe is a customer of our bank and this bank will guarantee payment on his check up to the amount of $000,000.00. This letter is good for purchases made on December 4, 2008) If you failed to bring one, your bank may fax the Letter of Credit prior to making your settlement with us. Our fax number is 1-864-583-9400.

Sales Tax: All sales are subject to South Carolina’s 6% sales tax rate. Please see the Sales Tax Information on this website for more details.

Sales Tax Exemptions: Buyers with a valid resale tax certificate are not required to pay sales tax. BUT, they must present a COPY of their Tax Exempt Certificate when registering. Motor Vehicle dealers are not required to pay sales tax on titled item purchases. BUT, they must present a COPY of their Motor Vehicle Dealer License when registering. You may also fax a copy of these certificates to the office, the number is: 864-583-9400. (Your sales tax number cannot be entered into the computer until we receive a copy of your certificate. Please see the Sales Tax Information on this website for more details.

Exporters: All exporters must make settlement with the auction company before leaving.
Sales Tax does not have to be paid if we receive the following documents:
1. An EXPORTERS EXEMPT FORM, signed when registering, a valid picture identification (i.e., drivers license, passport, etc.) If you are a Mexican Company, we also need your Mexican Company Number. A foreign delivery address is required for shipment outside of the United States, we will provide this form when you
REGISTER. (You may print the registration form located on this web page and bring it with you to the auction, it will speed up registration.)
3. Notorized AFFADAVIT OF EXPORT for Each purchase. (We will provide this form when you pay in the office.)
4. STRAIGHT BILL OF LADING. All export purchases must be moved by a Trucking Company. The trucking company will give you a Straight Bill of Lading, with all purchases listed. You or your trucking company must give a copy of this to the office in order to receive your check-out tickets.

5. DOCK RECEIPT from port of departure. This may be faxed to 864-583-9400. All items delivered to the port receive this upon arrival.
6. DECLARATION OF EXPORTATION from your customs broker. Your customs broker prepares this form before your Bill of Lading. (#7 below) The name, contact name, address and phone number of your customs broker. (With this information, we can contact your customs broker for you and obtain the proper documents that are needed.)
7. Copy of Bill of Lading from your customs broker.
Please see the Exporter Information on this website for more details.

Titles:  Titles will be mailed (certified mail) within 14 business days from the day of the auction. If you want your title sent to you by Fed-Ex, UPS, etc., please leave $15.00 with the title clerk with your instructions. NO TITLES WILL BE GIVEN OUT DURING THE AUCTION. The name you use to register will be the name that is put on your titles. They will be mailed to the address that is on your registration. 
Keys:  Every effort is made to provide a key for each piece of equipment. Despite these efforts, vandalism of keys in the equipment happens. We have some keys in the office, if a duplicate key has been provided by the seller. If you buy a piece of equipment, we suggest removing the key as soon as it is returned back into the equipment line after the sale. But many times, the key has been stolen before the auction has started and the keys used have been provided by the drivers. ANYONE WHO SEES VANDALISM OF KEYS OR DAMAGE INTENTIONALLY BEING DONE TO ANY PIECE OF EQUIPMENT, PLEASE LET THE OFFICE KNOW and we WILL take LEGAL ACTION.


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